Boarding and Grooming

At The Cat and Dog Clinic, we understand the unique needs and care requirements of our feline companions. That’s why we have worked so hard to design a cat-friendly environment that includes cat-only boarding and grooming services. We like to think that if your kitty could choose a facility, ours would be their first choice! Our boarding facility is designed to make our feline guests feel as comfortable and welcome as they would in their own home and our grooming services will have your kitty looking and feeling their very best!

Boarding Services

Our staff prides itself on offering the very best cat care in a quiet, dog-free environment (no dogs allowed). Plus, our luxury boarding is also an excellent way to ensure that cats with special needs (medication, special diet and feeding arrangements, etc.) receive the proper attention when you can’t be there to provide it yourself.

If you’re planning a trip out of town, why not let us be your cat’s home away from home? Our cat-only boarding services are designed to create a warm, welcoming and home-like environment to make each guest feel comfortable. A few of the many amenities that our boarding guests receive include:

Luxury Condos

Our luxury condos are specially designed for cats, with raised lounging shelves for sleeping and playing. Guests receive clean cotton towels every day to make their stay more comfortable. All of our condos have glass backs and face our garden, so your cat can watch the squirrels, birds, and butterflies. All of the condos can be opened to share two or three spaces. These spaces are ideal for multiple cats that want to board together or for cats that want more space. Each guest is provided with food, water, a clean litterbox, and a cuddle box, which is included in the cost of their stay. Of course you are also welcome to bring any items from home, such as food or toys.

Stretching Out in the Playroom

No cat wants to be stuck in a cage all day. That’s why The Cat & Dog Clinic offers a playroom. Your cat will get a chance to stretch its legs on our Kitty Jungle Gym, all in a safe environment. Your cat can play alone, or if you’re boarding multiple cats, they can enjoy a playdate together. This is an excellent time for our staff to give your cat the extra time and attention she needs.

Call us today at (706)-613-7877 to make a reservation for your cat or click here to register. Our staff would be happy to show you our condos and answer any questions you may have.

Grooming Services

We work with each cat on an individual basis. Customized grooming is based on the services you would like for you cat, the advice of our veterinarian and the temperament of your cat. Patients are groomed by our veterinarian and trained veterinary technicians to ensure that they receive quality care.

GroomingHaircuts & StylesPricing
  • Comb-out and mat removal
  • Bathing
  • Nail trim
  • Soft Paws application (see
  • Sanitary trim (rear end trim)
  • Tummy trim
  • Full body clip (lion cut)
  • Customized style for your cat

Our prices vary on a cat by cat basis (depending on how matted the fur is, what services you would like, and how cooperative your cat is). Sedation is often required for cats to be groomed safely. We can give you an accurate estimate once we have met your cat and discuss what needs to be performed. Call today to schedule a free grooming consultation at the clinic — often, your pet can be groomed the same day as the estimate is given.