About Us

Established in 1996, The Cat and Dog Clinic strives daily to deliver the absolute best patient care combined with excellent customer service and value to our clients. Originally, the Clinic was devoted to feline healthcare only, having been previously known as Classic City Cat Clinic. After many requests from cat owners who also owned dogs, we expanded our devotion and care to include dogs as well as cats.

Our dedication to compassionate care, respect and communication with pets and their owners sets us apart. We take pride in providing a clean, healthy and friendly environment for you and your pets to feel welcome. Our goal is to become your trusted partner in all of your pet’s healthcare needs and to help each patient live as long, healthy and happy a life as possible.

For Cat Lovers

At The Cat and Dog Clinic, we believe that cats deserve their own special place — a place where they receive the very best care without the stressful experience of sharing a waiting room or exam room with inquisitive, barking dogs. In fact, we like to think of ourselves as the vet clinic your cat would choose. In our clinic, cats have their own exam rooms, as well as a playroom and boarding room devoted to their unique needs and care. Our veterinarians have more than a decade of experience dedicated to cats only. Ask any of our cat patients, they will tell you how much we love them and care for them!

For Dog Lovers

Our goal is to make a visit to our clinic a fun, stress-free outing for your dog. We go the extra distance to make your dog feel at ease by providing a welcoming and safe environment, along with a pet-loving, highly trained team…with pockets full of treats! We do our best to get you and your dog in an exam room as quickly as possible to avoid nose-to-nose interactions with strange pets and provide a smaller, quieter exam area. Once in the exam room, our staff and veterinarian will work closely with your dog to gain trust and promote a positive bonding experience. We believe making visits to the vet a positive experience is critical for your dog.