5 Key Questions You Should Always Ask Your Vet

When you visit your vet, it’s usually for a wellness checkup, or the occasional sick call. That means that the time you actually spending talking with your vet amounts to just a few minutes each year. To really get the most out of this limited time, we thought it might be helpful to provide a list of important things to bring up next time you’re in the office. Here are 5 key things you should ask your Athens vet each time you visit.

Is my pet doing ok?

Obviously your vet will be giving your pet a thorough physical exam, but you’re the one that’s with your animal companion day in day out. Now’s the time to bring up those questions about certain health or wellness concerns you may have. For instance, why does my cat have such stinky breath, or what’s causing my dog to cough so much? Mentioning any of these out-of-the-ordinary things can help your Athens vet identify and address any potential issues in a timely manner, before they develop into a bigger problem.

Am I feeding the right diet?

Just like with humans, the food your pet eats provides fuel to keep them strong and healthy. Work with your Athens vet to make sure you’re meeting all your animal companion’s nutritional needs, and address any weight issues if necessary.

Why does my pet do what he or she does?

One of the best things about pets is that they each have their own unique personality, and some are quirkier than others. Wellness visits are a great time to bring up some of these unique behaviors to ensure that there are no underlying medical problem causing them. Chances are your Athens vet will tell you it’s just your pet being themselves, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

How can I keep my pet healthy on the outside?

Your vet will take care of what’s going on inside your pet’s body, but it’s up to you to make sure the outside is just as healthy. Discuss your grooming practices and use this time to ask questions, such as what products to use when bathing your pet, and how often you should be doing so. If necessary, your Athens vet can also recommend a professional groomer.

When should I come back?

Keeping up with wellness care plays a very important role in helping your pet live a long, happy and healthy life. Your Athens vet can recommend a wellness schedule that is tailored to your specific pet. For instance, if you own a younger, healthy animal, once a year will probably be sufficient, but if your pet is getting into his or her senior years, it may be better to bring them in every 6 months.

Your pet’s veterinarian should be more than just their doctor – they should be your trusted partner in all of your pet’s healthcare needs. To achieve this goal, you have to do your part to really get the most out of wellness visits. These 5 key questions should help you both to better manage your animal companion’s ongoing wellness and improve the chances of a lifetime of good health.